Here’s a little bit about me…

For nearly 15 years I represented some of the finest brands in their respective industries. Pressure-cooker corporate sales and management, business-to-business solutions to complex problems. To have had the opportunity to gain mentorship from some of the most experienced sales leaders in the business, I am truly thankful to everyone who has helped me along this path and for your wisdom. To those that I have had the privilege to lead, it is because of you that we achieved the growth and success we did. Never done easily, we embraced our failures to become better each time. We are only as strong as the team we play for. 

In this ever-changing economic landscape that we find ourselves in, none of us are immune to it. In an instant it can all be taken away without any notice at all. It is a feeling that I never wish to repeat, but an experience that I needed to have. Being terminated from a job that I loved is a real eye-opener for everything that we too often take for granted with employment. In the scheme of things, a healthy family is truly all that matters, but the reality of how to manage your bills in the interim comes at you fast. Severance only stretches so far in trying to maintain the lifestyle we have chosen for ourselves, especially if it takes longer than hoped for to find a new job. 

I am grateful for the position my family was in, mostly due to the flexibility of the mortgage we have. There are many ways to be smart with personal finances, but the doors that can be opened with a properly executed mortgage can provide the protection and freedom you need if you ever find yourself in a similar situation due to a job loss. I felt that it was time to do something different and give back by providing the same tools that helped my family navigate difficult times. I chose to take a new road, hunker down and fully immerse myself to become licensed in a craft of personal interest. Away from the corporate hustle and into a world where I get to help people achieve wonderful, ambitious goals. Become a mortgage broker; now independently self-employed but still play for a team of all-stars. Enter the fiduciary mindset and become accountable only to the clients I serve and the brokerage that I represent.  

I joined my good friends at their mortgage brokerage, Dominion Lending Centres Ratefair, as a Licensed Mortgage Associate. With my business acumen paired with their countless years of expertise in personal finance and mortgages, we strive to make a difference for every client we assist with the greatest investment in their life, a home.  

Whether it is your first home, an investment property, debt consolidation, renewal, new build, home equity line of credit, reverse mortgage or refinance, don’t be a stranger and reach out, I’m sure we can find a way to make your next big move become a reality. Ideally, we can provide you with the same piece of mind I had when the unexpected happened. Life comes at you fast, setting up the right mortgage today might be the smartest thing you can do to prepare for the unknown tomorrow.  

Let’s speak soon. 

– Casey Struck